Aaron Dignam - Digital Marketing Specialist

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Since Google announced it was encrypting all searches an awful lot of search marketers held their breath. Not being able to know the keywords people are using when they find your site in Google is pretty horrible. Lately I feel Google has flipped the table on keywords. The easy to[...]

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Track Events in Analytics without using Javascript

I love analytics. I really do, ever since I started out using it I felt it had a great power. Google analytics is a great tool and is very powerful when used correctly. When I first started using it I was terrible. I just used it as a hit counter,[...]

Digital Marketing Institute week one review

So I just started a post graduate diploma with the digital marketing institute in Dublin. I spent the 7 months from March to September in China working as marketing manager for a Chinese language school. Having no experience in digital marketing I went about educating myself in digital marketing. It[...]

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Digital Career in one year?

Digital Dublin As we all know it is a tough job market in Ireland at the moment. We see businesses closing down every day but there seems to be a light shining on Dublin and the digital industry. While there is no doubt that Ireland’s favorable tax regime is a[...]

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My first blog post

I am so excited to finally have my new personal site. Having spent the last seven months in China working as marketing manager for a Chinese language school, I didn’t really have so much time to make my own website. While in China I learned so much and got to[...]

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